Our GroWell family of nutrient solutions are here to meet your fields' needs. Stand-alone or mixed with other GroWell solutions, add these proven and powerful answers to your current fertilizer program to maximize soil productivity and plant growth.

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Get a faster start.
Starter fertilizers

Getting a crop a quick start, especially in difficult soil or climate conditions, means getting nutrients where they’re needed. Starters with seeding provides early nutrient access and promotes early nutrient use. Mix your starter with your macros / micros and seeding program, and get your field off to a fast start.

  • FAS9-25-2TM  High-quality, low salt, high P
  • FAS4-16-14TM  High-quality, low salt, essential K
  • FAS6-18-3TM  High-quality, low salt, essential P
  • FAS2-19-19TM  High-quality, low salt, equal P/K




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Complete the nutrient mix.
Essential micronutrients

Adding trace amounts of micronutrients offers plants a complete balance of need nutrients. While the big three - Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium are going to get you far, micronutrients like Zinc, Calcium, Boron, Manganese, Iron are going to add the extra boost you need. Adding a full nutrient mix maximizes growth potential. Put them into play without an extra step - layer ZenaGro solutions in at fertilizer application.

  • ZENABTM  Easy-mix boron
  • ZENACuTM  Easy-mix copper EDTA
  • ZENACaTM  Easy-mix calcium EDTA
  • ZENAZnTM  Easy-mix zinc EDTA
  • ZENAMnTM  Easy-mix manganese EDTA
  • ZENAMgTM  Easy-mix magnesium EDTA
  • ZENAFeTM  Easy-mix iron EDTA
  • ZENAPakTM  Easy-mix EDTA multi-micros

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Fortify with faster absorption.
Nutrient foliar application

For an added boost, applying nutrients directly to plant foliage increases the absorption and impact mid-season nutrients can have. Get needed nutrients to your fields without moving an inch of soil. Specially formulated, these leaf-application nutrients stay put once applied. Tank-mix these into your typcial mid-season application to maximizing your growing potential.

  • FORTI7TM Seven nutrient supplements
  • FORTIN25TM Nitrogen (25%) + Boron
  • FORTIN28TM Slow release nitrogen (28%)
  • FORTIKTM Water-soluble potassium
  • FORTI8TM Eight essential micronutrients
  • FORTICaBTM Water-soluble calcium + boron

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Revive your soil's ecosystem.
Microorganisms and bio-stimulants

More than just nutrients, your soil needs a complete ecological mix to maximize growth potential. Microscopic soil organisms encourage natural biological responses in plants. A bio-stimulant does exactly that - stimulates these soil microorganisms to enhance nutrient uptake and efficiency. Adding the right mix of organisms and stimulants ensures plant health by encouraging nutrient uptake, efficiency, stress tolerance and plant health. Mixed into your typical fertilizer program, adding biodiversity doesn't haven't to be a hassle.

  • ENDURAFeedTM Soil ecosystem feed
  • ENDURASeedTM Seed treatment with soil revivers
  • ENDURALifeTM Soil revivers
  • ENDURALifeDFTM Soil revivers
  • ENDURAGestTM Waste odor-eaters
  • ENDURABreakTM Nutrient releasers

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